The coast of Giardini Naxos includes some of the most beautiful bathing beaches through all of Sicily, enchanting places for unspoiled nature. They are beaches with different types of sand: the thin sand is in the central area, while thin stones are present in the area of Recanati, where the water is really beautiful. Not far away, under Taormina, there is Isola Bella, a natural reserve since 1998, reachable on foot thanks to the strip of beach that connects it to the mainland. A clear and transparent sea lends itself to activities such as snorkeling and diving. Another marvelous beach in the area is certainly that of Mazzarò, which is only ten minutes from Giardini. It is located in a marvelous bay, where the sea has nuances ranging from turquoise to emerald. From this beach you can start with small boats to explore the coast and visit the famous blue cave


The ancient navigators considered Mount Etna the highest point on Earth; for the Arabs it was the "Gibel Utlamat", the mountain of the mountains. The Greek poet Pindar described it as the pillar supporting the sky. In fact, you can not travel to Sicily without visiting Mount Etna, the largest and most spectacular volcano on the continent. "A Muntagna", as the Sicilians call it, in 2013 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The committee has defined the volcano as one of the most emblematic and active in the world. Etna, with an activity that lasts for at least 2700 years, has one of the oldest documented stories in the world, and for this it has also been recognized the inestimable cultural value. The excursions on the volcano allow tourists to admire ancient craters and new flows, lunar landscapes, volcanic bombs and breathtaking views, passing by the neighboring villages (Nicolosi, Zafferana Etnea, Milo) for tastings of local products and autochthonous wines.


"A little corner of paradise on earth", so Goethe defined Taormina over two centuries ago, enchanted by its colors, scents, flavors and extraordinary panoramic views dominated by the majesty of Etna. An ideal tourist destination for millions of visitors from all over the world, it offers sun-kissed beaches, ancient monuments, lush gardens and typical cuisine. Giardini Naxos was the first Greek colony founded in Sicily by the Greeks, by the inhabitants of Naxos. In addition to the crystal clear sea and the expanses of golden beaches, visit the Schisò Castle and the archaeological park . Every 15 minutes a shuttle service connects Giardini Naxos and Taormina. Castelmola is a balcony on Taormina, has just over a thousand inhabitants living on the limestone peak overlooking the Ionian Sea. It is a beautiful medieval village dominated by the castle of Mola which was built by the Normans, and which in the Hellenic era was the real acropolis of Taormina. The Alcantara Gorges,located in the Alcantara river valley, are a small canyon, the rocky walls are 25 meters high and are just 2 meters far from each other. Today they are part of an organic and natural park, where you can dive into the fresh blue waters Savoca, a name that derives from the elderberry plant that characterizes the surrounding vegetation, is a village where some scenes of the famous movie "The Godfather" were shot: to visit the many churches, the Capuchin monastery, the city gate and the beautiful walk that leads from the Castle to Calvary and offers a breathtaking view. At about 500 meters above sea level is Forza d’Agrò, an ancient fortress that dominates the Messina coast. Even today the village retains its medieval appearance, with the stone and earth walls surrounding the districts, the strongholds positioned on the walls, the stone arches and the fifteenth-century churches. The landscape that the country enjoys is spectacular and includes almost the entire coast of the province of Messina.